Trippy Shit of the day

So the amazing video above shows what happens when you generate a 24hz sine wave through water, and capture the results at 24 frames per second. My mind is officially blown right now. The video’s creator describes how it works:

Ever since I created the first version of this video a year ago I’ve been wanting to try it again with more water and better lighting / footage. This is a really fun project and when you first see the results, chances are your jaw will drop. The main thing to keep in mind for this project is that you need a camera that shoots 24 fps.

The effect that you are seeing can’t be seen with the naked eye. The effect only works through the camera. However, there is a version of the project you can do where the effect would be visible with the naked eye. For that project, you’d have to use a strobe light.



The Good Vibrations Storage Unit by Ferruccio Laviani makes my brain hurt. Not only has he created an incredible distortion effect, so accurate that it almost seems to be in motion, but the technical workmanship involved in creating this piece  alone staggers the mind. From Mocovote:

The fanciful blending of styles is paired with an innate sense of wittiness to produce furniture like the Good Vibrations storage unit. Selected for a preview of this new collection, the piece exemplifies this new design philosophy and the harmonious juxtaposition of the languages and cultures it is based upon.

Echoes of faraway places and Oriental elements are glimpsed in the “disorienting” design of this storage unit, which seems to have been “deformed” by a strong jolt or by swaying movements. Although it appears to depart from the aesthetics of the past, in fact it draws upon ancient knowledge in the use of carving and fine wood workmanship.


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